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As a Hull-based company, the heritage of this great city and the surrounding area is something we’ve always taken a keen interest in. Indeed, our own depot is a Grade 2 listed building which we have owned and preserved for over 15 years. Sculcoates Goods Station (the only remaining one of its kind in the area) was built in 1864 and we work closely with the conservation department at Hull City Council to ensure that the building is maintained correctly. Rebuilding the chimney stack and external wall are just two of the jobs we’ve carried out as part of that preservation.

Owning and maintaining our own piece of history means that we understand and appreciate how important heritage really is. This has allowed us to complete a number of heritage-based projects including:

  • The refurbishment and restoration of a Smoke House situated on Hull Marina. Works included repairing the existing roof trusses with the original timbers, re-slating the roof with reclaimed and original tiles, constructing a new gantry and chimneys and carrying out structural repairs to the brickwork and pointing. A building of great local significance in terms of history, this project was part of the wider regeneration of Humber Street, the Fruit Market and Hull Marina.
  • Heritage works in East Park, Hull. The scheme comprised of landscaping a sensory garden with lake boardwalk, making enhancements to a play area, water feature pools landscape enhancement and Pavilion upgrade. This project required engagement with heritage stakeholders and specialist subcontractors to protect the historic features, boating lake and bridge assets.
  • Construction of two disabled access ramps to the Guildhall (a Grade 2 listed building) in Hull. The scheme was constructed to pick up on the symmetry of the frontage with two identical and symmetrical ramps leading to the two outer entrance doorways. The guardrails were designed to partly match the detail of the windows and constructed in wrought iron and painted black to match the existing ironmongery on the window frames and doorways. The low walls to the ramps were constructed in reinforced concrete and then cladded in granite stone matching in colour and grain to that used on the building plinth. York stone paving to the pavement outside the entrance was lifted and reused on the ramps whilst the shortfall was made up by the procurement of new York stone to match the existing.





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